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Laurel Neme

National Geographic

National Geographic: New Alarm System May Stop Poachers In Their Tracks

New Alarm System May Stop Poachers In Their Tracks A multipronged high-tech system installed in a South African reserve has helped cut the number of poached rhinos to zero. By Laurel Neme PUBLISHED April 27, 2018 When you’ve heard a shot, it’s already too late. In all likelihood the rhino is dead, and the best…

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National Geographic: Why Has This Rhino Poaching Trial Been Delayed 17 Times?

As poaching in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province rises, conservationists say more should be done. By Laurel Neme PUBLISHED November 13, 2017 It’s been one delay after another in the case against South African alleged rhino poaching kingpin Dumisani Gwala and his two co-accused. The reported reasons run the gamut—changes in venue, changes in magistrates, changes in defense…

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National Geographic: Triumphant Rhino Transfer Ends in Tragic Conservator Death

Rare black rhinos were recently reintroduced into Rwanda’s iconic national park. Tragically, one has killed a man who was helping protect them. By Laurel Neme PUBLISHED June 8, 2017 On Wednesday, one of the protectors of Rwanda’s newly reintroduced black rhinos was killed by one of them on June 7 while monitoring the animals. “It is with…

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National Geographic: A Mysterious Rhino Horn Heist in Vermont

Photo credit: Mark Biercevicz Photo credit: Mark Biercevicz Mystery surrounds the theft of a rhinoceros horn from a natural history collection in the University of Vermont, in Burlington. Nobody knows its origins, or exactly when or why it was stolen. Its absence was first noted on April 27. It could have been taken as a…

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National Geographic: Justice for Rhinos–When Will it Come?

Nothing prepared me for the venom in his eyes. While not directed at me, nobody in the courtroom could escape the anger seeping from his pores. Through a twist of fate, I was in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), a province on the eastern coast of South Africa, on September 19, the day the trial of a suspected…

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