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The Elephant's New Shoe

This sweet true story stars a tiny, orphaned elephant who was given another chance.

When Chhouk, an Asian elephant calf, was found, he was alone, underweight, and had a severe foot injury. Conservationist Nick Marx of Wildlife Alliance rescued the baby elephant. With help from the Cambodian Forestry Administration, the Cambodian School of Prosthetics and Orthotics, and an elephant named Lucky, Nick nursed Chhouk back to health and made him an artificial foot. One of the first animals to ever be fitted with a prosthetic, Chhouk helped pioneer the technology -- and most importantly, was able to walk again!

This true animal rescue story will satisfy animal lovers and capture the hearts of both young readers and their parents.

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500Chhouk Nick in Mondulkiri
500Chhouk and Nick next to Chhouks pool not long after Chhouk received his prosthetic foot
500Chhouk prosthetic May '11 5

Chhouk and Nick Marx, all photos courtesy of Wildlife Alliance.