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Bear Pond Books – Orangutan Houdini & Creating Global Connections

Thursday, January 8, 2015 Laurel Neme – Orangutan Houdini & Creating Global Connections   Laurel Neme travels around the world to learn about, and write about, animals. She is a contributor to National Geographic, host of “The WildLife” podcast, and author of the book Animal Investigators about the world’s first wildlife forensics lab to investigate poaching, smuggling and other…

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Kids’ Home Library review calls ORANGUTAN HOUDINI a book that “wows”

Kids’ Home Library: Books About Intelligent Animals Emphasize Creatures’ Importance Nov 7, 2014 Lee Littlewood Fu Manchu the orangutan is so smart, he outwits zookeepers time and time again. Tsaki the donkey turns his working-animal status into beloved family member, while GQ the quail is curious and venturing. Kids love reading about intriguing animals; the ones…

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Blog calls ORANGUTAN HOUDINI delightful and perfect for learning about primates

First posted on 2014-11-30   Thrilled by latest review of my book ORANGUTAN HOUDINI which calls it a “delight” and “perfect as a jumping off point for learning about primates and endangered animals.” Joy Makin’ Mamas blog says: “As a story book, this is delightful all by itself. As a jumping off point for learning about primates,…

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Animal Investigators is on CNN’s List of “Must Reads”

17+ must-reads on illegal wildlife trade By John D. Sutter, CNN updated 12:52 PM EDT, Tue March 18, 2014 A black dehorned rhinoceros is followed by a calf in South Africa in 2012. STORY HIGHLIGHTS NEW: The list grows with more suggested reading The next Change the List series will focus on wildlife trafficking Readers voted for John Sutter…

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The Warden’s Words

I hope you are enjoying the 25th anniversary issue of International Game Warden magazine. This magazine has seen many changes, including three publishers and editors, in its quarter century of existence, but information about game warden books has been a fixture for most of its life. Some of the early issues had full page reviews of just…

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Wildlife Management Institute

Worth Reading The book previously reviewed was a really well-written exposé of the awful business of herptilenapping. The worth-reading/review book for this month deals with other wildlife abuses, ranging from poaching walruses for their ivory and bears for their gall bladders to smuggling of Native Brazilian costume and ceremonial garb festooned with parts of threatened…

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