Kids’ Home Library review calls ORANGUTAN HOUDINI a book that “wows”

Kids’ Home Library:

Books About Intelligent Animals Emphasize Creatures’ Importance


Fu Manchu the orangutan is so smart, he outwits zookeepers time and time again. Tsaki the donkey turns his working-animal status into beloved family member, while GQ the quail is curious and venturing. Kids love reading about intriguing animals; the ones in these books are worthy of discovering.”Orangutan Houdini” by Laurel Neme; illustrated by Kathie Kelleher; Bunker Hill Publishing; 32 pages; $17.95.Kids visit zoos and often don’t think about what’s going on in the animals’ minds. Animals are more than just nonverbal creatures. In this thoughtful, amazing true story, an orangutan named Fu Manchu figures out how to undo his pen’s lock and invites his family to come along. They don’t go far — only to the trees near the elephant area so they can observe the big mammals. The zookeeper blames his co-workers for leaving the lock undone, but when it happens over and over again, he realizes it’s really Fu doing the outwitting.With a detailed follow-up of Fu’s life and ways of smartly escaping, Neme’s book is a fun, insightful journey into the intelligence of orangutans. Fu’s curiosity and cleverness prompted many books and studies, and he received an honorary membership from the American Association of Locksmiths. Coupled with the personality-filled sketches by Kelleher, “Orangutan Houdini” is indeed a book that will provoke “wows.”




Kids’ Home Library calls my book ORANGUTAN HOUDINI a “thoughtful, amazing true story” that “is indeed a book that will provoke “wows.””

All I can say is: wow. I’m thrilled.