Indie bookstore Bear Pond Books includes ORANGUTAN HOUDINI in list of Best Nonfiction Children’s Books for 2014

Bear Pond Books:

Best of Nonfiction Books in 2014 (preK-9th grade)

We’re happily reading dozens and dozens (100 actually) books to prepare for our in-store Materials Review for educators that’s happening October 3rd from 9:00 am – 11:00 am.

Turns out, there are all sorts of fascinating true stories to read about – was learning this fun when we were in elementary school? Presumably. After all, it’s decades later and we’re still reading these books. We’ve got history’s biggest, loudest peace concert, animal classifications via poetry, Victorian bathing machines, and the Lady Dai mummy that we still can’t get over…

…here are a few highlights. A full list and brief reviews will be posted on our Educators’ Resource Page after the 4th: