Culture Shocks

Culture Shocks (40 min radio interview), aired April 24 (episode #1394) Illegal wildlife trafficking is worth an estimated $20 billion a year behind drug and human trafficking; Animal Investigators documents this black market business.

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The Secret Life of Animals

                      The Secret Life of Animals (Aired April 19, 2009) Be the next Sherlock Holmes — of animal cases Call it CSI — for the animal world. But rather than searching your it on your TV directory, check out your local bookstore for “Animal Investigators.”…

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New England Cable Network

New England Cable Network: (Aired April 19, 2009) – Investigating crimes against wild animals with Laurel Neme

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Vermont Edition VPR – Wildlife CSI

Vermont Public Radio – Wildlife CSI Investigating illegal wildlife trafficking By Jane Lindholm Wildlife smuggling is a $20 billion-a-year business and the third-largest illegal trade worldwide. Dr. Laurel Neme is an international resource management consultant who lives in Huntington, Vermont. She’s just written a book about the world’s first and only CSI lab for wildlife, the…

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Snippet from Q&A article: Most forensics labs are busy trying to solve human crimes; they don’t have time to find out who killed a walrus. TIME talked to Dr. Laurel Neme about her book, Animal Investigators, in which she explains the difficulties of tracking the wildlife black market, and the one laboratory — U.S. Fish and…

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Ever wonder where did the feathers on your fancy piece of jewelry came from? What about the ivory in your souvenir statue? The illegal wildlife trade nets about $20 million a year — less than drugs but more than weapons — and ounce-for-ounce, some animal products (such as rhino horn and bear gall bladders) are…

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Book Review by

Book explores how the world’s first wildlife forensics lab is solving crimes and saving endangered species April 13, 2009 by MCT  A new book explores how the world’s first wildlife forensics lab is solving crimes and saving endangered species. Not long ago, illegal wildlife smugglers could pretty much get away with murder. From selling polar…

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Burlington Free Press, Friday April 10, 2009

By Sarah Long, Free Press Staff Writer In researching “Animal Investigators,” author Laurel Neme combed through more than 80 case files and spent time with the agents at the laboratory to find a cross-section of cases that showcase different aspects of the lab — and also tell a fascinating story. The first case is of…

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Publisher’s Weekly Book Review

Animal Investigators: How the World’s First Wildlife Forensics Lab Is Solving Crimes and Saving Endangered Species Laurel A. Neme. Scribner, $25 (256p) ISBN 9781416550563 Few people realize that animal parts trafficking represents a large threat to the global ecosystem; writer and natural resource management expert Neme is one of them. Trading in rare goods highly…

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Jorge Pontes

I am so touched by your words about my work. Thanks for the recognition. Your book made my years of devotion worthy. I am impressed with the high level research you did. Congratulations for this outstanding piece of work. I hope thousands of people access your book. Persons like you will surely help saving our…

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Terry Grosz

Animal Investigators is not bad….it is outstanding!! My only complaint is that once I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down. Terry Grosz, former FWS Special Agent and author of Wildlife Wars

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