Poaching incident and rapid response in Botswana

You know it’s bad when….I find it extremely hard to believe that poaching has extended to Botswana, where I spent almost a couple years doing my dissertation research.

During the week of May 17th, 5 elephants were found killed with trunks and tusks cut off (likely with a power saw). They were ambushed on a track that leads to remote luxury lodges near the Boro gate in the buffalo fence close to Maun.

In response, this week the Botswana government launched a massive operation to flush out would-be poachers in the Okavango delta with helicopters and fixed wing aircraft assisting security personnel on the ground as they tracked the poachers. Six poachers were arrested in NG32 near Xhuruxharaga, close to Maun. The six suspects, all local people, were taken into custody for possession of two elephant tusks. They are likely to face charges of unlawful hunting which carries a P100 000 fine or 5 years imprisonment.

For more information, see: http://www.ngamitimes.com/Archives.Edition651.17_25May2013.html