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Laurel Neme

The Wildlife Blog

The WildLife: Pangolin Rescue with Save Vietnam’s Wildlife, Thai Van Nguyen and Gillian Fuller

First posted on 2016-03-12   Go behind the scenes of a pangolin rescue with Thai Van Nguyen, founder and executive director of Save Vietnam’s Wildlife, and Gillian Foster, the organization’s Communications Advisor. Save Vietnam’s Wildlife is the first Vietnamese NGO dedicated to saving pangolins. Pangolins are arguably the world’s most trafficked mammal, with an estimated 100,000 captured…

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The WildLife: From bats to humans – echolocation for the blind, Carol Foster

First posted on 2015-02-01   While researching bats for one of her films, documentary filmmaker Carol Foster learned that humans were also doing what bats could do, namely using echolocation to see.That set her off on a project to help the blind in Belize learn this amazing skill. She’s even launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo (called Opening…

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Green Mountain Global Forum event on December 4, 2014

  4 Dec 2014 Battle for the Elephants, Poaching for Profit The world’s surging appetite for ornamental ivory is driving the African elephant to the brink of extinction. On Thursday, December 4 at 7PM at the Big Picture Theater in Waitsfield, Green Mountain Global Forum (GMGF) is screening the film Battle for the Elephants and hosting a…

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Circus Lion Rescue

 Published: Sunday, 30 November 2014 22:33  Written by Laurel Neme Thoroughly enjoyed interviewing Jan Creamer, Animal Defense International, and meeting the lions she’s rescued from circuses in Peru. Amazing to see mistreated lions on the path to freedom. You can read the Q&A in my article on National Geographic.

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Treehugger cites Laurel Neme’s article on Difficulties of Destroying Ivory

US to destroy 6 ton illegal ivory stockpile Chris Tackett (@ChrisTackett) Science / Endangered Species September 11, 2013 Share on Facebook  © Dan Kitwood/Getty Images If you’re starting to hear more news about elephant and rhino poaching, it’s no surprise. The wildlife trafficking crisis has been growing in recent years, but the United States seems to be gearing up…

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Chinese diplomats collude with Tanzanian officials to smuggle ivory

Stunning NYT article ties Chinese Presidential delegation to illegal ivory purchases with collusion of Tanzanian officials. Scary to think how much involvement exists by high-level authorities on both sides of black market supply and demand. See:

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Orangutan Houdini by Laurel Neme

                                      Acclaimed environmental journalist, author, and consultant Laurel Neme has traveled the globe studying wildlife and collecting stories in an effort to raise awareness about the importance of protecting endangered species. Her first book, Animal Investigators, was a…

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Animal Investigators by Laurel Neme

    Animal Investigators by Laurel A. Neme Ph.D. Go behind the scenes at the world’s only forensics lab dedicated to solving crimes against animals in this gripping “CSI for wildlife.” Illegal wildlife smuggling ranks just behind drugs and human trafficking as the third largest illegal trade—and only an estimated 10 percent of its trafficking…

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Chelsea Clinton shares Laurel’s NatGeo article on Rangers

I’m honored that Chelsea Clinton shared my NatGeo piece on the daily challenges facing rangers. It was painful to write, and it’s painful to read. But even more painful to live it. I’m grateful to her for helping to share their stories – and by doing so supporting these unsung heroes.

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