Elephant musings and articles

Elephants are getting more and more attention. From Obama’s call for action to Hillary Clinton today announcing her focus on them.

The more I learn about these fascinating creatures, the more I want to know. But I admit that the more I know, the more disheartened I am by the poaching crisis currently going on.

I’ve been especially taken with Dame Daphne Sheldrick’s book (just out in paperback), Love, Life and Elephants. It has so many wonderful stories of her life, I literally couldn’t put it down. I’m also lucky enough to be interviewing her, and just yesterday received the answers to my questions. I’ll be posting the interview soon.

In the meantime, there have been several interesting articles. One by Caitrin Nicol explores the question, Do elephants have souls?, published in the New Atlantis. The Atlantic, too, had a major article on Inside the Global Industry that’s Slaughtering Elephants.

And there was a recent disheartening one in the South China Morning Post, which noted that Celia Ho, the 14-year old elephant activist that I interviewed for National Geographic, just had a death threat.