De-horning Rhino as Anti-Poaching Measure

De-horning rhino as an anti-poaching measure has become increasingly accepted. An interesting article by Guy Rogers in South Africa’s The Herald Online explores that decision and also describes the actual process.

The article focuses on the de-horning of two rhino at the Kragga Kamma Game Park in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. In it, head of the family-run park, Michael Kantor, describes the agony of the decision to de-horn the rhinos: “My dad felt at first that we were going to deface them and that we would be giving in to the poachers. These are also our flagship animals, there was some concern as to what tourists would think. Other members of the family thought the sooner we did it the better. In the end, it was decided that their safety comes first and this was the surest way of getting the poachers to leave them alone. We’re hoping that visitors will understand. Maybe it will prompt them to demand that something more needs to be done to protect South Africa’s rhino.”