Coral Reef CSI

The international Coral Reef CSI program is now under the auspices of the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL).  Designed in 2006, the Coral Reef CSI program trains authorities to use forensic science strategies underwater. It has worked in thirteen countries and trained over 300 marine protected area resource managers, enforcement officers, academics, and litigators in underwater evidence collection.

The program’s rigorous field training focuses on underwater forensic investigative techniques applicable to vessel groundings, destructive fishing, illegal extraction, and other negative impacts to coral reefs, as well as proper procedures for gathering and preserving evidence in the marine environment and how to provide clear and concise analysis appropriate for decision-making processes such as court trials.

While coral reef ecosystems are under various levels of anthropogenic impact, management authorities are often limited in their ability to enforce regulations. Training for field investigators in investigative, forensic, and rapid ecological assessment techniques helps ensure accurate assessment and data collection and to maximize prosecution, mitigation, or negotiation success. For more information, click here.