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Shop so Orangutans don’t Drop

From Laurel NemeJuly 14, 2011   Next time you shop, consider orangutans. While U.S. grocery stores may be physically far from the rainforests of Indonesia and Malaysia, where these endangered primates live, the impact of supermarkets on orangutan survival is not so distant. About one in every ten products on your grocery store shelves…

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Dung Beetles: Nature’s Cleanup Crew

  From By Laurel NemeJuly 4, 2011 Dung beetles are part of nature’s cleanup crew. These beneficial insects eat and bury dung and, in the process, recycle nutrients back into the soil while removing breeding grounds for pests. As their name suggests, the main food source for dung beetles is animal feces, which provides nutrition and…

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Bird vs. Machine: How Wildlife Forensic Science Prevents Crashes

From Laurel NemeJune 27, 2011 When US Airways Flight 1549 went down in New York’s Hudson River on that 20-degree day in January 2009, just six minutes after take-off, Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger and First Officer Jeffrey Skiles suspected the cause: a bird strike. “Hit birds,” they reported. “We lost thrust in both engines. Turning…

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The Forgotten Bear

From By Laurel NemeMay 25, 2011 Malayan sun bears, also known as honey bears (or Helarctos malayanus), are the least known of the world’s eight bear species. Few people know they even exist, especially compared with other types of bears, like polar bears and grizzlies. Perhaps part of that is because sun bears are so challenging to…

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Coral Reef Opera

From JeffCorwinConnect Citizen Blog:  If you ever wanted ideas for a new soap opera, coral reefs would be the place to go. These colonies of tiny living animals not only provide vital ecological services, such as protecting shorelines, but are also home to some of the most diverse-and strange-creatures on the planet. Dive a few meters below…

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Operation Jaguar: Poaching and Human-Wildlife Conflict

From JeffCorwinConnect Citizen Blog: By Laurel NemeApril 8, 2011 Twenty years ago Brazil’s most notorious jaguar hunter, Teodoro Antonio Melo Neto, also known as “Tonho da onça” or “Jaguar Tony,” swore off poaching after logging 600 kills. The foe-turned-jaguar-ally began helping conservation agencies track the elusive cats for their monitoring and research and his dramatic…

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