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Captive Wild Cats, Lisa Tekancic, & Creature Call Contest Answers

Lisa Tekancic, president of the WildCat Conservation Legal Aid Society, discusses captive wild cats and the wild cat pet trade. She tells “The WildLife” host Laurel Neme about the history of wild cats in captivity, how captive wild cats are used for commercial purposes such as in the entertainment industry and the pet trade, and why this is a big problem for wild cats. Lisa Tekancic is an attorney in Washington, DC and founder and president of WildCat Conservation Legal Aid Society.  Their mission is to protect and defend all native and non-native wildcats.  She is an active member of the DC Bar’s Animal Law Committee and has organized and moderated two legal conferences:  “Trafficking, Trade, and Transport of Wildlife,” and “Wildlife and the Law.”  She presented a paper on the methodology of “Animal Ethics Committee” for the International Conference on Environmental Enrichment, and for four years was volunteer staff at the National Zoological Park’s, Cheetah Station. This podcast also features the answers for “The WildLife’s first Creature Call Contest.  (First aired on February 15, 2010)

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