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Rangers World Ranger Day: honoring our wildlife protectors

World Ranger Day: honoring our wildlife protectors Commentary by: Laurel Neme July 31, 2014 Like Memorial Day, when we honor our nation’s military veterans, World Ranger Day is a day to recognize and celebrate the thousands of rangers who put their lives on the line as they protect wildlife and natural resources around the world.…

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National Geographic: Ivory Mandala: A Fitting Memorial from the U.S. Ivory Crush

    Posted by Laurel Neme in A Voice for Elephants on November 13, 2013     Tomorrow the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will use an industrial rock crusher to destroy its six-ton stockpile of confiscated elephant ivory. The event is both a demonstration of the U.S.’s commitment to stop ivory trafficking and its belief that the legal ivory…

Read More Undercover for Animals: On the Frontline of Wildlife Crime in the US

By Laurel Neme, special to November 03, 2010 US Fish and Wildlife Service Special Agent Sheila O’Connor revealed the inside story of working in wildlife law enforcement to Laurel Neme on her “The WildLife” radio show and podcast. In the first of a two-part interview, Special Agent O’Connor talks about her adventures stopping wildlife crime—scoping out…

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