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Laurel Neme


National Geographic: Ethiopia Burns Entire 6.1-Ton Ivory Stockpile

  Posted by Laurel Neme in A Voice for Elephants on March 20, 2015       ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia – At a ceremony today in the capital, Ethiopia burned its entire 6.1-ton ivory stockpile. The event was held at the Gulele Botanical Garden, close to the headquarters of the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority (EWCA), where the ivory had been stored.…

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National Geographic: Will Mobilization of Military Forces Stop Elephant Poaching in Cameroon

  Posted by Laurel Neme in A Voice for Elephants on February 14, 2015      Ten elephant carcasses discovered in mid-January in and around Cameroon’s Bouba Ndjida National Park are raising fears that poachers may again be targeting the park. But information remains sketchy. According to the Cameroon Tribune, a government newspaper, the military made several patrols following reports of gunfire…

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National Geographic: In Hong Kong, Kids Take Action to Stop the Illegal Ivory Trade

      Schoolchildren are working together to raise awareness of the toll of the illegal ivory trade.  Photograph by Katrina Shute Laurel Neme for National Geographic Published April 24, 2014 Part of our weekly “In Focus” series—stepping back, looking closer. Hong Kong schoolchildren are transforming attitudes about elephant ivory through small actions that are having…

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National Geographic: Elephant Foster Mom: A Conversation with Daphne Sheldrick

  Posted by Laurel Neme in A Voice for Elephants on December 6, 2013         Orphaned elephants “can be fine one day and dead the next,” says Daphne Sheldrick, a Kenyan conservationist and expert in animal husbandry. She knows. To date, she has fostered over 250 calves, first in partnership with her husband, David Sheldrick, founding warden…

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National Geographic: Ivory Mandala: A Fitting Memorial from the U.S. Ivory Crush

    Posted by Laurel Neme in A Voice for Elephants on November 13, 2013     Tomorrow the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will use an industrial rock crusher to destroy its six-ton stockpile of confiscated elephant ivory. The event is both a demonstration of the U.S.’s commitment to stop ivory trafficking and its belief that the legal ivory…

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Los Angeles Times: Terrorism and the Ivory Trade (OpEd)

The Shabab, which took responsibility for the deadly Westgate Mall attack in Nairobi, uses proceeds from ivory to fund its terrorist operations. By Laurel Neme, Andrea Crosta and Nir Kalron October 14, 2013 If the world needs another reason to get serious about combating elephant poaching, here’s one: The attack by terrorists on Westgate Mall…

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National Geographic: A Powerful Weapon Against Ivory Smugglers: DNA Testing

 Posted by Laurel Neme in A Voice for Elephants on May 23, 2013     Hong Kong Customs seized 113 ivory tusks in a cargo shipment at Hong Kong International Airport on April 30 this year. Officers detected the ivory when they X-rayed a consignment labeled “spare parts” being shipped from Burundi, Africa to Singapore via Hong Kong. DNA analysis…

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National Geographic: Chaos and Confusion Following Elephant Poaching in a Central African World Heritage Site

 Posted by Laurel Neme in A Voice for Elephants on May 13, 2013   As poachers fired on forest elephants inside the Dzanga-Ndoki National Park, a World Heritage Site in the Central African Republic (CAR), the impotence of foreign governments and non-governmental organizations in preventing the slaughter of wildlife amid political chaos was, once again, revealed. Earlier this week, the World…

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