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Amphibians The dark side of new species discovery

By Laurel Neme, special to December 21, 2011  This interview originally aired on March 14, 2011. It was transcribed by Kirstin Fagan. Part 1 of this interviewScientists and the public usually rejoice when a new species is discovered. But biologist Bryan Stuart has learned the hard way that the discovery of new species, especially when that…

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By Laurel Neme, special to mongabay.comSeptember 08, 2010    Alejandra Goyenechea, International Counsel at Defenders of Wildlife and Chair of the Species Survival Network’s (SSN) Amphibian Working Group, spoke with Laurel Neme on her “The WildLife” radio show and podcast about the global amphibian trade. This interview originally aired February 8, 2010. Assistance for this article was provided…

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