Fun Facts

Jaguars: Did You Know...

A jaguar’s jaw is larger and more powerful than a leopard’s.

Jaguars: Did You Know...

The size of a jaguar’s territory depends on food availability.  Where food is plentiful, such as a forest, a jaguar can survive in a circular area of about there miles in diameter.  When food is scarce, it may need to roam over an area of 200 square miles.

Jaguars: Did You Know...

One jaguar tagged by a biologist was next seen 500 miles away in a new hunting location.

Jaguars: Did You Know...

Although jaguars have the reputation as man-eaters, there are numerous stories about men being followed for miles through the forest by solitary jaguars, giving credence to the theory that jaguars prefer to escort men off their territory rather than attack them.

Jaguars: Did You Know...

Amazonian Indians tell of jaguars emerging from the forest to play with village children.


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