Articles by Laurel Neme

National Geographic: Will Mobilization of Military Forces Stop Elephant Poaching in Cameroon
National Geographic: Circus Lions Rescued in Peru, Headed for New Home in Colorado
National Geographic: U.S. Indictment Accuses South African Brothers of Trafficking Rhino Horns
National Geographic: Endangered Orangutans Gain from Eco-Friendly Shifts in Palm Oil Market World Ranger Day: honoring our wildlife protectors
National Geographic: For Rangers on the Front Lines of Anti-Poaching Wars, Daily Trauma
National Geographic: Hong Kong Set to Incinerate 29.6-Ton Ivory Stockpile in Largest Destruction to Date
National Geographic: Brazilian Investigators Cracking the Case of Missing One-of-a-Kind Snake
National Geographic: In Hong Kong, Kids Take Action to Stop the Illegal Ivory Trade
National Geographic: Good News for Animals in Nepal: A Full Year Without Poaching
National Geographic: London Summit Intensifies Battle Against Wildlife Crime
National Geographic: New WildLeaks Website Invites Whistle-Blowers on Wildlife Crime
National Geographic: Elephant Foster Mom: A Conversation with Daphne Sheldrick
National Geographic: Ivory Mandala: A Fitting Memorial from the U.S. Ivory Crush
Los Angeles Times: Terrorism and the Ivory Trade (OpEd)
National Geographic: Al Shabaab and the Human Toll of the Illegal Ivory Trade
National Geographic: A Powerful Weapon Against Ivory Smugglers: DNA Testing
National Geographic: Chaos and Confusion Following Elephant Poaching in a Central African World Heritage Site
National Geographic: Did Polar Bears Really Lose at CITES?
National Geographic: New Promises Follow Elephant Slaughter in Chad and Cameroon
Elephant and Rhino issues to be debated at CITES 16th Conference of Parties
CITES 40th Anniversary: Reflections of CITES Secretary-General John Scanlon
Overview of the CITES 16th Conference of Parties: Interview with CITES Secretary-General John Scanlon
National Geographic: A Young Voice for Elephants: Celia Ho
National Geographic: Poachers Capitalize on Chaos in Central Africa
National Geographic: Elephants in Cameroon and Chad face Imminent Threat
National Geographic: Elephant Poachers Caught in Chad, Protection Efforts Stepped Up
Rescued Elephant Orphan Adopted by New Herd (on Animal Planet's "Animals in the News" Blog
Elephant slaughter continues in Chad, another baby rescued
President of Chad sends troops after elephant poachers
Dozens of Elephants Massacred in Chad
Protecting Mexico's Feathered Treasures
The dark side of new species discovery
Herpetology curator: behind-the-scenes of 'new species' discoveries
Seahorses Under Stress
Covert Creatures: The Clandestine Lives of Seahorses
Shop so Orangutans don’t Drop
Dung Beetles: Nature's Cleanup Crew
Bird vs. Machine: How Wildlife Forensic Science Prevents Crashes
Dung Beetles: A Sewage SWAT Team
The Forgotten Bear
Cambodia's Wildlife Pioneer: Saving Species and Places in Southeast Asia's Last Forest
Coral Reef Opera
Operation Jaguar: Poaching and Human-Wildlife Conflict
Pet trade, palm oil, and poaching: the challenges of saving the 'forgotten bear'
Interpol's Wildlife Crime Working Group Meeting, Forensic Science Medicine & Pathology Journal
Wildlife's Most Wanted
The secrets of animal TV: many nature shows rely on unethical tactics
Teaching orangutans to be wild – orangutan rehabilitation
The Problem-Solving Ape: What Makes Orangutans Special and Why They are Threatened
Undercover for Animals: On the Frontline of Wildlife Crime in the US
Animal Planet's "Animals in the News" Guest Blog
Operation Jaguar: Busting a Poaching Ring
Determining which birds cause airplanes to crash: an interview with a feather expert
Frogs and friends at risk from booming global wildlife trade
The role of wildlife conservation in human health
The biology and conservation of declining coral reefs, an interview with Kristian Teleki
Amazing reefs: how corals 'hear', an interview with Steve Simpson
Dangerous and exploitative: a look at pet wild cats
Top officials busted in Amazon logging raids, but political patronage may set them free
The changing nature of illegal logging - and illegal logging investigations - in Brazil's Amazon
Tiger farming and traditional Chinese medicine
An interview with Rhett Butler
Mexico has big role in the illegal parrot trade


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