Fun Facts

Macaws: Did You Know...

Many of the 16 macaw species require large tracts of relatively pristine habitat for their survival.  As such, they may be ideal biological indicators of the conservation status of rainforests.

Macaws: Did You Know...

Scarlet macaws seem to be a particularly sensitive macaw.  If mistreated while young, it can grow up to be belligerent and prone to biting.

Macaws: Did You Know...

An individual scarlet macaw may be sold for more than $1,000.

Macaws: Did You Know...

Scarlet macaws mate for life and have a very close relationship with their partner called a “pair bond.”

Macaws: Did You Know...

Scarlet macaws, like other parrot species, travel long distances (over 100 kilometers) in search of food resources.  Consequently, they may cross political boundaries so that a negative impact to the population in one country would have a negative impact on populations in neighboring countries.


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