Fun Facts

Bears: Did You Know...

Black Bears: Despite being built for strength instead of speed, black bears can run up to 35 miles per hour.

Bears: Did You Know...

Black Bears: Black bears are good tree climbers and strong swimmers.

Bears: Did You Know...

Indigenous cultures often respect bears both for their strength and physical power and also for their sacred power. In many cultures, the bear is a powerful animal spirit, and angering it could be dangerous.

Bears: Did You Know...

For many people, bears possess remarkable powers.  They believe bears can not only change shape (as reflected in myths) but also that they could come back to life (with hibernation perhaps symbolizing the ability to resurrection itself).

Bears: Did You Know...

Bears are built for strength, not speed.  They have massive shoulders, short back and feet bones (called metapodials), and thick muscles that run the entire length of its legs instead of tapering toward the foot, as would happen with a faster animal like a lion.


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