Fun Facts

Walrus: Did You Know...

Walruses sound like church bells.  They make a variety of noises from snores, roars and snorts to whistles, teeth clacking, knocking and bell-like tones.

Walrus: Did You Know...

Walruses change color from muddy brown to pinkish cinnamon.  That’s because of their circulatory systems, which help them adjust to the surrounding temperatures.  When warmer, their blood vessels expand to move blood to their blubber and skin so that the air and water can cool them.  This makes them pinker.  When colder, the opposite happens.  Their blood vessels constrict to reduce the flow to their skin and blubber.  This saves body heat and turns them browner.

Walrus: Did You Know...

The only natural predators for walruses are polar bears, orcas and humans.

Walrus: Did You Know...

The scientific name for walrus, Odobenus rosmarus, means “toothwalkers.”

Walrus: Did You Know...

Walrus can stay underwater for up to 30 minutes.


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