Kids' Home Library calls Orangutan Houdini a book that will provoke 'wows'

Kids' Home Library calls my book ORANGUTAN HOUDINI a "thoughtful, amazing true story" that "is indeed a book that will provoke "wows.""

All I can say is: wow. I'm thrilled.


Blog calls ORANGUTAN HOUDINI delightful and perfect for learning about primates

Thrilled by latest review of my book ORANGUTAN HOUDINI which calls it a "delight" and "perfect as a jumping off point for learning about primates and endangered animals."

Joy Makin' Mamas blog says: "As a story book, this is delightful all by itself. As a jumping off point for learning about primates, endangered animals, and non-local species, it’s perfect."

She also says: Raising children with an appreciation for our natural world requires that we show them that world in every way we possibly can. Visiting our nations best zoos and natural parks, going outside and building a rain garden, observing the comings and goings of birds, squirrels, lizards, butterflies, bees, and other everyday animals are all great ways of doing this. But to bring home the lesson about how amazing the creatures of our world are, sometimes you really just need a book. Because the world is so vast and life is so abundant you could never, ever, ever expose your child to every amazing living thing in the world without the help of books."

I agree. Books help expose us to this vast world filled with amazing creatures. It's why I write...and delight in sharing stories.

Orangutan Houdini by Laurel Neme Joy Makin Mamas Review

Circus Lion Rescue

Thoroughly enjoyed interviewing Jan Creamer, Animal Defense International, and meeting the lions she's rescued from circuses in Peru. Amazing to see mistreated lions on the path to freedom.

You can read the Q&A in my article on National Geographic.

Sy Montgomery endorses Orangutan Houdini

Honored my new picture book ORANGUTAN HOUDINI is endorsed by author & adventurer Sy Montgomery. Hear her TEDx talk about how animals think and feel.

Chinese diplomats collude with Tanzanian officials to smuggle ivory

Stunning NYT article ties Chinese Presidential delegation to illegal ivory purchases with collusion of Tanzanian officials. Scary to think how much involvement exists by high-level authorities on both sides of black market supply and demand.



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