Animal Investigators explores a new arsenal of techniques for thwarting the billion dollar global trade in illegal animal parts.

Jane Goodall calls it "an amazing story about concerned scientists and forensic teams working to solve the murder mysteries that all too often are overlooked: the poaching and smuggling of endangered species."

Go behind the scenes at the world’s only forensics lab dedicated exclusively to solving crimes against animals in this gripping “CSI for wildlife.”

Illegal wildlife smuggling ranks just behind drugs and human trafficking as the third largest illegal trade—and only an estimated 10 percent of its trafficking is intercepted. Now, with unprecedented access to U.S. Fish and Wildlife agents, law enforcement, and more, accomplished environmental journalist Laurel Neme uncovers how forensic scientists are working to change that.

Pathology Lab with Wolves


Taking readers into the only animal crime lab, set up to investigate more than 30,000 species, Neme shows the incredible efforts of lab experts as they investigate cases in which illegal trade is threatening endangered tropical birds, poached for their feathers; black bears, whose gallbladders are used in traditional Chinese medicine; and the Alaskan walrus, slaughtered for ivory.  Vividly depicting the circumstances of each case, the people and animals involved, and providing intricate details of the scientific methodology used, Neme combines mystery, science, and wildlife conservation in an absorbing, fast-paced account that exposes the cutthroat, complicated web of wildlife crimes and recognizes the innovative, hardworking animal investigators who are fighting to solve them.

Sampling of Confiscated Artifacts in Brazil