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Laurel Neme Hosts: “The WildLife” Radio Show on “The Radiator” Burlington, VT

About "The WildLife" Radio Show

"The WildLife" is a weekly radio program that probes the mysteries of the animal world through interviews with scientists and other wildlife investigators.  The program is hosted by Laurel Neme and airs on The Radiator, WOMM-LP, 105.9 FM in Burlington, Vermont every Monday from 1-2 pm EST.  You can live stream THE WILDLIFE at  You can download podcasts here, on iTunes, or at  Comments and suggestions for upcoming shows are always welcome.  Contact Laurel at

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A captivating tale based on the true story of an orangutan who loves outsmarting his zookeeper friend.


Animal Investigators by Laurel Neme


Readers go behind the scenes at the world’s only forensics lab dedicated to solving animal crimes in this gripping “CSI for wildlife.”

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